Effects of the Wind

June 7 | John 3:8

“The wind blows wherever it wishes, and you hear its sound but don’t know from where it is coming and where it is going. So it is for all who have been born of the Spirit.”” (John 3:8)

As Spring begins and we see everything turning green, we also see the pollen and seeds coming out everywhere. The wind carries them where they need to go. No one can see the wind, but every effect it makes can be seen.

In the original languages wind, spirit, and breath are the same word. When Jesus talks about the Spirit and wind in John 3, he uses the same word. Just as we don’t see the wind, we don’t see the Spirit. But we know he is there as we know the wind is there.

Many times in the middle of a trial you do not see how God is moving to help you. You have to see it with hindsight. The Holy Spirit is doing great things in you. He is making you more like Jesus, cultivating his fruit, and giving you gifts.

Even if you don’t see it he’s doing it. You can see the effects of his work only after he has already been doing it. We don’t need to give God time to do his work. We need to give ourselves time to see what he has done.

Action Step: Trust the Holy Spirit is doing great things in you. Believe that he is moving in and through you. It’s not faking it until you make it. It’s operating out of faith.

Holy Spirit, I know you’re doing great things in me. I thank you in faith for what I will see in me that you are changing. Give me your power to live every day for Jesus. Minister through me to others and use my gifts that you have given me.

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