Inspiration for Writing
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I haven’t written the final four devotionals yet. Part of the pause in my writing is due to still try to navigate working while I’m on my sites, switching every two hours. This means I only have a certain amount of time during the day that I face my computer…

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Just Four More
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I’ve been working daily devos for years now. I’ve been talking about the finish line of writing and only having editing and publishing to go. I only have four more devotionals to write, and then I will be finished with the writing phase. I’m looking forward to it, believe it…

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Chugging Along
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I’ve slowly been writing through the last 10 devotionals for my devotional book that will be coming out by the end of May. I have eight left. After that, I will have to edit the entire manuscript. This will take the longest time. Next comes formatting the book, followed by…

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A Rough Week
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This has been a rough week so far for writing in my devotional book. I did a lot last week with it. But this week has been full of things that can’t control. Have you ever felt that way? I had a small procedure that happens once a month on…

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Making Progress
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I’m making progress on my Daily Devos book. I have about 15 more devotionals to write, and then it should be finished. Then comes the editing, formatting, and publishing. I don’t know how long it will take me to have it ready to publish. I’m hoping it takes a shorter…

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Getting Back in the Groove
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I’ve had so many things distracting me lately that the short posts about my writing progress have become more about my lack of progress. But that is slowly changing. I’m registered for MinistrieSummit23, and selling my books at an exhibitor table. I’m pretty excited about this. My life group has…

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Creating a New Lead Magnet
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The writing group I belong to has a lead magnet master class we are going through. I just completed one worship magnet, “The No Unanswered Prayers Checklist” you can get on the right sidebar under any blog post or blog page. But I’m thinking of creating a lead magnet that…

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