Blowing Up My Progress
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I am a checklist and progress bar kind of guy. I like to see progress, and I love to put checkmarks in boxes. These are the systems I live by. So, I hate it when something gets in the way of either of these. My most common enemy to progress…

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Calm before the Storm
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So much activity has been going on around my new book. This week, I spent time publishing three different mediums for my book: ebook, paperback, and hardcover. I use three platforms to self publish my books. Amazon is the most widely used, followed by Barnes & Noble, and a third…

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Coming into Focus
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This past week, I have received the Foreword for my book. It was done by my Presbyter, Pastor Wayne Schaffer of New Life Worship Center in Altoona, PA. I asked him to do it because I am finding ways of involving more people in my writing, and I knew he…

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The Big Reveal
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I have worked on Healed in the Name of Jesus for over a year. Much of that was a deep dive into what the Bible says about healing. Some of it was recounting and recalling my story up to this point. And all that came together, along with research to…

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So Much More to Do
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I’ve been working hard on “Healed in the Name of Jesus.” There’s so much more to do for the book yet. But I have some good news on everything I’ve accomplished. I’m about to send an email to my beta readers who will get to see the book cover and…

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Keeping It Together
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With the reading of my healing book finished, and the editor returning the edited version to me, I am focusing on the book cover design and getting the book to my beta readers and book launch team. The Christmas and New Year’s season is also upon us. So, I’m also…

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