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The Greatest Gift Series: 12 Lives Changed by Jesus’ Birth
The Greatest Gift Series is a collection of 12 short stories that use fiction to describe what it was like to live in the times during Jesus’ birth. Follow Mary, Joseph, the Magi, the shepherds, and many more as they deal with the circumstances of a virgin pregnancy unprecedented in history. Even some of the characters you wouldn’t think of during the Christmas season make an appearance, like Isaiah and the Godhead.


A Short Guide to capturing Your Faith
Do you have hurdles or struggles sharing your Christian faith? The short guide will encourage and challenge you to take a step of faith. It will guide you through the process of gaining confidence to answering common questions people ask.


The Passion Chronicles: The Last Week of Jesus’ Life
These eight fictional stories from different perspectives of people involved in Jesus’ life describe what he did on each day of the week.

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Tainted Beauty: A Short Story
This FREE fictional short story explorers the biblical connections between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane.

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