My next book, “Healed in the Name of Jesus: How to Keep Your Faith in God’s Healing Promises” will soon be available! Follow Author News for updates on its progress and completion.

Healed in the Name of Jesus is a prescriptive memoir chronicling my paralysis from its surprising beginning to my current state of stable. Along the way, I encourage anyone dealing with an affliction of sickness, disability, or injury that is long-lasting.

If your doctor has told you there is no cure for what you suffer, you have a terminal illness, you suffer with long-term pain, or you minister to someone with such afflictions, this book is for you.

I am hoping to publish this book at the beginning of January 2023. If you are interested in helping me spread the word as part of my book launch team, please contact me at I look forward to sharing my road toward healing and encouraging you along the way. May the Lord be blessed and praised through my life and testimony!

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