Calling All Readers!

It’s almost time for another book launch! I am in the final stages of editing my new book, “A Short Guide to Sharing Your Faith.” It’s based off of my recent blog series. I’m building the launch team and there will be awesome benefits to being part of the launch.

A Short Guide to Sharing Your Faith guides Christians through the process of gaining confidence to hurtle every fear and everything that them back from sharing their faith. It provides encouragement through facing those fears and providing helps to get past them. Further, this short guide answers the basic questions anyone would discover when sharing their faith.

My new book will be available on July 29th!

Here’s what you can do to help me prepare the book launch:

  • Get an advanced copy on Friday, July 19 and read the book. It is 50 pages, 13,000 words.
  • Make any small notes on things you like, dislike, don’t understand, and anything else that sticks out to you. You don’t have to worry about grammar.
  • Email those notes to me by Thursday, July 25. Writing a quick three sentence blurb about the book is also very welcome. Keep your notes handy to write a quick review when it comes out.
  • On July 29, the book will go live on Amazon and other venues. I would ask that you would provide a review for the book.
  • Also receive a bonus story never released before!

You can go to my blog website at and sign up for my email newsletter to be enrolled in the launch team. You will then receive emails that will guide you through the process of helping me launch this book. You will receive your free story in your email the day of the launch. Thank you ahead of time for supporting the book and me!

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