Slower Than I’d Like

Sometimes progress happens at a feverish pace, so quickly I cannot fully absorb myself in everything I am writing. I leave it up to the editing process. But lately, I have not gotten a whole lot of book writing done. There has been plenty of blog post writing and other types of writing I need to get done, but nothing in my books.

I’m still at the beginning of September in my editing of the devotional. It appears this might be the only other book I can publish this year. I’m running into preparation for my new life group in the Fall. I think it’s going to be a great study. If you’re interested, you can go to the Bible studies page, look under topical studies, and you can click on All about Speaking in Tongues. This life group will last from September 3-October 22. Each week will have a new installment.

I’m also trying to stay ahead of blog posts because I will have less time to pay attention to them during my life group. Everything is lining up to be under the priority of my life group. I really enjoy doing these life groups, but they do take away from some of my writing. Needless to say, I’m not getting much time in the way of writing other than these pursuits.

I’m sure you may be the same way, but I can use another few hours in each day at the moment. Progress isn’t everything, and I need to learn to allow God to give me a break from writing every once in a while. My type A personality and desire to get things accomplished keeps me from allowing myself to rest in God’s timing.

So, all my deadlines for writing have been pushed back for the time being. I would like to think that if I can stay on top of my blog and life group, I may be able to carve out some time for editing and writing my books. I also don’t have time to start the new BIG (Bible Insights and Gems) segment on my website. I have begun writing the issues, but I want to make sure there is plenty so I can keep ahead of it once I began putting them on. Those are the updates on my projects and progress that I have so far. I’ll get back to these projects and catch you up next Thursday.

Image by Geraldine Dukes from Pixabay

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