The Masculine Virtues America Needs
Josh Hawley

Masculinity is under attack in America. Left-wing liberalism has been attacking it for a while. If you show any manly or masculine traits in society, the only susceptible option is for you to deny your masculinity as a man or show more feminine attributes. Hawley writes to not only preserve masculine attributes, but to use them to save American culture and society, for the advancement of our country.

This is not a political book, but it does catch on some of America’s problems. Hawley identifies biblical masculine virtues lacking in America today. Men all over the world need these biblical virtues. As the men of America go, so does the country. We could blame America’s problems today on politician, state governments, political parties, and anyone else. But the author postulates that the men of America need biblical examples and standards to live by.

He weaves personal stories, historical examples, and statistics and current issue examples through biblical examples of manhood. He takes the virtues and character traits of men of the Bible and applies them to what men need today.

Hawley uses the templates of the lives of Adam, Abraham, Joshua, David, and Solomon to lay down the traits America’s men need today. As he talks about their place in biblical history, looking at their lives in-depth, he talks about the phases of life every man needs to go through to gain the character and wisdom of each step.

Men go from a husband and father like Adam and Abraham, a warrior like Joshua, and a builder and King like David and Solomon. A man learns godly wisdom and essential skills of each level. The husband learns to love his wife sacrificially.

The father learns how to mold his children for the glory of God. The warrior finds God the causes to live for and serve. The builder learns how to structure his life. The King realizes God’s plan for him to lead others. He builds a domain he can tame and lead.

A man needs to learn how to build God’s temple in his life. He must live in service to his Creator and build a life that leaves a legacy for the next generation. These character traits are essential within American men today, who are learning how to skate by in life instead of make that legacy. We see men doing the opposite, just getting by and not building a life that honors God.

This was a great read that encourages men to live up to their potential. I enjoyed the template of the husband, father, warrior, builder, and King. It gives direction to men and shows them their potential and God’s plan to make them who He wants them to be . These are desires we naturally have, but don’t know how to execute. Hawley’s book provides us with a way to do what our society denies men to do. We must be who God has made us to. If you need direction on the manly and godly traits of character in my life, this book will help you see the path of manhood you need to experience.

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