Sanctuary of the Soul
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Journey into Meditative PrayerRichard Foster Richard Foster has foraged the path into the spiritual disciplines. Each book he has produced has widened our knowledge and experience of “ancient paths of spirituality.” Here he delivers a smaller book on one type of prayer, meditative prayer. This has as its goal a…

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The Great Disappearance
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31 Ways to Be Rapture ReadyDavid Jeremiah Dr. David Jeremiah is a very studious teacher of God’s Word. I was interested in reading this book because I am always interested to hear teaching on the rapture of the church. The author opens this book about the rapture by getting the…

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The Accidental Creative
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How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s NoticeTodd Henry Todd Henry is an expert in creativity. In this book, he makes a separation between people who are creatives traditionally and those who are accidental creatives, the people who don't necessarily see themselves as creative in their job. His aim is…

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Praying with Paul
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A Call to Spiritual ReformationD. A. Carson D. A. Carson needs no introduction in the Christian scholarly world. He has made some of the most infamous and Scholastic books you can read. I was pleasantly surprised to see he turned himself to the topic of prayer. I believe he has…

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The Christian Mind
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How Should a Christian ThinkHarry Blimers Blimers arranges his book into books instead of parts and chapters. This is a British work that describes the difference between a Christian and secular mind. A Christian can think like a secularist. Just because you have the name “Christian” doesn’t mean you have…

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The Believer’s Authority
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What You Didn’t Learn in ChurchAndrew Wommack I picked up this book because I’m interested in studying the believer’s authority and what I can learn from Scripture about it. I am also interested in Andrew Wommack’s ministry. I have seen some videos he puts on YouTube and wanted to see…

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Shaped by Suffering
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How Temporary Hardships Prepare Us for Our Eternal HomeKenneth Boanew The authors opens his book by describing what it is about so the reader is not misled. Most people read a book like this because it is about how to pray and ask God to take your suffering away. He…

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Write a Must-Read
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Craft a Book That Changes Lives – Especially Your OwnA. J. Harper I picked up this book as part of my writing group, Bookcamp, in which we read through the book and applied it to our writing. I was excited to read it because like any author, I want to…

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