Back to Your Future

April 21 | John 21:3

“Simon Peter said to them, “I’m going to fish.” They said to him, “We also are going with you.” They went out and embarked on the boat, and that night they caught nothing.” (John 21:3)

Nostalgia can remind you of the good times in your past. But it can also be the thing that holds you back. Or maybe there’s something you’re really good at you got away from. Doing it again reminds you how much you enjoyed it.

Jesus revealed himself several times to the disciples, but one day Peter wanted to go fishing. It was familiar to him, something he knew well. There’s nothing wrong with old pursuits. But Jesus called him to be a fisher of men now. It didn’t mean he could never go fishing again. But he and his friends caught nothing. Flashback to the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. The same thing happened.

Peter and his friends caught nothing the night before. On Jesus’ word, they got more than they could handle. When Jesus walked on the shore, immediately John recognized Jesus and, Peter’s zeal caused him to not row back to Jesus but to jump in the water and swim back. After all, he couldn’t wait for the boat to get to the shore.

Jesus has called you to do great things for him. He has placed his trust in you and prepares you. Get out of the boat and swim to Jesus. Fulfill your call, the reason God created you.

Action Step: Step out in faith and ask Jesus what he has called you to do. Start today to fulfill that call. Do what he wants you to do. You’ll never be the same.

Lord Jesus, I know you have a great thing for me to do. What is it? How can I help others and proclaim your name? Give me the strength and courage to do it with my whole being. Holy Spirit, be with me and give me your power.

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