Accessing God’s Grace

May 1 | Romans 5:2

“through whom also we have had access by faith into this grace into which we have stood and we rejoice in hope of God’s glory.” (Romans 5:2)

There are many people most of us don’t have access to. I’m not on speed dial for the President of the United States. I know very few famous people. The few people I know who have any clout in this world I don’t bother too often, and it’s never to get something from them.

But think about your privileged place in God’s kingdom. You have access to the King of the universe. He has given you a place of grace by your faith in his sacrifice. You are blessed beyond measure! Anytime, day or night, you are one word away from talking to him.

The grace in which you stand is first your salvation. Jesus has saved you out of your sin, its impending death, and God’s wrath. But your access is much more than just prayer. You have access into the throne room of God. You are one of his children.

Your faith in Jesus gave you access to the most exclusive Person in all of human history. That is not because of anything you did. It’s because of who you know. You rejoice in him, and in the hope of his glory. There are many things to hope for.

You hope for every promise to be fulfilled. Promises of healing, Jesus’ second coming, the end to pain and suffering. These are only a few of the hopes you have in Christ.

Action Step: What are you hoping for in Jesus today? Pray and ask him to bring to completion your sickness, suffering, trial. Jesus has the power to do all things.

Lord Jesus, I come into your presence today, with full access as your child. You have promised me so many things in your Word. I bring these things to you and ask you to do miracles, healings, and transform my life once again.

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