A Couple More Chapters Drafted

A Couple More Chapters Drafted

I have managed to get another couple of chapters written in my book on the Lord’s Supper. The book is coming together. I need to devote some time to doing the introduction and covered some of the bases on how the book can be most useful to ministers.

I am also trying to stay ahead of the website writing for the blogs, BIG series, and reviews. All that is coming along nicely but I’m not as far ahead as I was in the middle of May. I’ll get there. Life is staying busy enough for me. My next aim is to get far enough ahead so I can enjoy my vacation in August. Yes. I have to think that far ahead.

I am hoping to stay ahead of all my writing. Pretty soon, I would like to start working with some better readers on Meditations on the Lord’s Supper. I was hoping to begin at the beginning of June but it looks like I will be in about the middle of June or slightly later. If you are interested, or no any ministers who would be interested in this book, please let me know. You can email or comment and I will get the message. That’s pretty much all that is happening in my writing life right now. I hope you are enjoying everything in writing. Have a great week, and I will connect to give you more news next week.

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