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Who delivers a sermon?

Generally, a pastor, priest, or some type of clergy. But that’s only if you are talking about a sermon as a specific type of communication. In my opinion, anyone can preach a sermon. The word for “preach” or “proclaim” is more about communicating the gospel in the Bible.

Every Christian is preaching a sermon to the world around them. The world may not be listening, but if you are living for Jesus, you are preaching a sermon. You are proclaiming the gospel to everyone around you. You are holding out the lifeline to those who are lost.

So anyone can preach a sermon. They can deliver it to everyone around them from family to friends to coworkers, even to strangers. There’s a famous phrase that says, “Preach the gospel wherever you go, and if needed, use words.”

When we do good things for people, compassionate things, they must know why we do then. I think you need to use words along with the good deeds. Otherwise it’s just a nice thing you did for someone. They may give you high praise or bonus points.

But we need to do more than just doing something good. We need to tell people why we do it. The message of the gospel must include both word and deed. We can go the other way with it also. That’s when we proclaim the gospel with words but our actions don’t match those words.

Then people see us as hypocrites and inauthentic. So we must have both. We must demonstrate the gospel with our actions. But we must also proclaim alongside of the actions the words of life that Jesus gave us to speak.

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