Cultural Christian

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What is the difference between a cultural/intellectual Christian and a Born Again Spiritual Christian?

Well, a born again Christian is a person whose life has been changed by Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit (John 3:5-8). He or she follows Christ’s teachings and commandments. This person chooses to be obedient to Christ in all things and makes him the Lord of his or her life.

Such a Christian can be an intellectual. There is no dichotomy between being spiritual and intellectual. Rather, both spirituality and intellectual pursuits within the Christian faith should be the aim of all Christians.

A cultural Christian, also known as a nominal Christian, is a person who believes that they are Christian because they were born into the Christian religion or it is the religion of their parents or family. This person may or may not be a Christian.

Nominal Christians do not have the experience referred to earlier as being born again. There is not a moment of conversion in their life. They may follow Christian principles but usually do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the Lord of their life.

They may have a head knowledge of Christ, Christian doctrine, the Bible, etc. But the decision to follow Christ with their whole being and the life change that comes with the experience of conversion to discipleship in Christ may not have happened in their life.

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