Creating a New Lead Magnet
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The writing group I belong to has a lead magnet master class we are going through. I just completed one worship magnet, “The No Unanswered Prayers Checklist” you can get on the right sidebar under any blog post or blog page. But I’m thinking of creating a lead magnet that…

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How Does Paul Encourage Us to Grow in Christ from Romans?

Summary: Paul describes God’s expectations for disciples of Jesus to grow in Christ in Romans. Through quick commands and slowed down exposition, Paul encourages us to live out Christian character in our everyday lives. Introduction In my last post, I talked about the character chains in the New Testament and…

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Finally Writing Again!
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I didn’t plan on taking a month and a half from my book writing projects, but that's what happened. Sometimes the Lord knows better than I about the priority of rest before diving into a new challenge. Even as a minister, I do not take my rests the way I…

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On the Back Burner
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Recently, I have spent more time planning on which book to pursue next. Right now, my attention has been between writing a book on Meditations on the Lord’s Supper and a book on the presence of God. I have ideas for both, but neither has a firm book concept or…

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Loving Writing Groups
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If it weren’t for my writing group friends at BookCamp, I would not make any progress on my writing right now. I have spent most of my days working on websites for myself and others, preparing for a life group this Spring, and trying to keep up with some other…

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