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Living and Written Word

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What is “The Word”? Is “the Word” from Genesis to Revelation, and how do I become a doer of “the word”? There are several different ideas you present in your question. The Word refers to Jesus. It’s a reference from … Continue reading

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Wielding the Sword of the Spirit

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No matter what war a soldier is involved in, he or she never knows how to react until the battle has begun. There are a lot of tactics to learn. You can prepare and study war all you want. But … Continue reading

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Sword of the Spirit

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How do we use the sword of the Spirit, our Bibles? Ephesians, where Paul mentions the sword of the Spirit, clarifying that it is the Word of God, is a prison epistle. It was written when Paul was imprisoned under … Continue reading

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Reflections on Making God’s Word Your Priority

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We’ve talked a lot about the Bible in these last six posts. We’ve discussed everything from how the Canon was formed to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in writing the books to its authority in our lives. We’ve covered … Continue reading

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