Your Burden Is His

March 17 | Isaiah 53:4

“Surely He Himself has taken away our sicknesses and carried our sufferings and yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God and wretched.” (Isaiah 53:4)

Everyone we meet has problems in their life. Most of the meaningful ones are under the surface. You can know a person for years without finding out about some of their struggles. People like me in wheelchairs wear many of our scars on the outside, and it’s noticeable. But others keep their scars hidden.

Jesus came to heal all your scars. This same man who is acquainted with griefs, a man familiar with sorrows, comes to bear your griefs and carry your sorrows. You are never meant to carry so much baggage. It’s too heavy for you.

But it’s not too heavy for Jesus. Many of us don’t realize how huge a load Jesus takes from us. He said his burden was light. We thought God was punishing him, but he is innocent. What we thought was God’s punishment is our salvation.

Action Step: Give your burden to Jesus. Let it go at his feet. Come to his altar and let him alter the course of your life. Surrender is better than sacrifice. Jesus can handle your darkest secret, your deepest wound.

Jesus, I come to you today and ask for your healing. I hand my burden over to you. Thank you for bearing the weight I cannot handle. I rely on you to take my cares upon yourself. Help me to let it go and give it to you.

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