You Know Me

May 6 | Psalm 139:1-3

“Oh Lord, you have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I stand up; You discern my thoughts from a distance. You lead the way, and my lying down, and you are acquainted with all my ways.” (Psalm 139:1–3)

We search much of our lives for someone who can know us, love us for who we really are. It takes a lifetime to know another human being. That’s why God created marriage, a place where we can grow intimate with one person.

But even when they spend a lifetime together, husband and wife choose how much of themselves they share. They still won’t know each other as well as God knows you. He created you and he knows you more intimately than any person ever will.

He knows the good and bad, the parts you hide and the parts you show. He knows the smokescreens you put up and sees right through them. Jesus says he does every hair on your head. For some of us that’s harder than others.

He knows your plans, your hopes, your disappointments, your dreams. He knows what’s best for you. He’s interested in you. There is no one else like that in the universe.

For some people, the intimacy and closeness God has with them scares them. But for others it is a great comfort. How do you feel about it? You can’t get away from him. You can’t hide anything from him. Is that scary or a comfort for you?

Action Step: You can’t get away from the fact that God knows you in and out. Do you like what he sees? You can allow his Spirit to change you. Listen to him and obey his Word. He conforms you to Jesus’ image, makes you holy and beautiful before him.

Lord, you know everything about me. You see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Make me beautiful in your sight. Conform me to Jesus’ image and make me like you. Show me your ways.

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