Coming into Focus

This past week, I have received the Foreword for my book. It was done by my Presbyter, Pastor Wayne Schaffer of New Life Worship Center in Altoona, PA. I asked him to do it because I am finding ways of involving more people in my writing, and I knew he had a much larger platform than me.

At least, those are some of the selfish reasons. Pastor Wayne has known me since I was a teenager. He recently became our presbyter, and like my previous presbyter, he has always respected and treated me kindly. When you read his Foreword, you will see that he would have volunteered after reading it.

God has always blessed me with favor. But I know you will be blessed by his writing as well as mine. This really has been a God project. I know God can use it to minister to people. That’s why I’m excited to bring it into the world. But that’s not the only thing that’s happened in the last couple of weeks.

My mom is one of my final proofreaders. She knows better than anyone that my speech-to-text software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking gets about 98% of what I say correct. However, if I talk too fast or if my voice is too different, it does not listen as well. Because I am legally blind, I do not catch many of its blunders. If you’ve ever communicated with me and text or seeing some of my status is online, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

My mom has a knack for being able to read something that doesn’t look right and realize Dragon missed the boat on that phrase. She can generally understand what I was trying to say. But if not, she’s right there beside me and can ask me. I don’t have to wait for emails or messages on social media for my proofreader to get back to me., So, I thank and appreciate Beverly Srock for tirelessly helping me proofread the final manuscript.

All that to say, it’s all coming together! Next week, I’ll talk about how I self publish my books. You’ll have a front row seat to some of my process, of which mostly I am learning this year. I self publish all my books so far. But I am learning how to be more efficient at the publishing process. I have much to learn about book marketing, as well. But all in good time. Time, something I rarely say I have a lot of. But much of that is because I take on too much and I’m also a perfectionist. Bet you couldn’t tell… All this talk of time makes me think that we both don’t have time for a long post. I’ll keep you informed of all that happens around my new release, Healed in the Name of Jesus.

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