Writing Like a Fiend

Writing Like a Fiend

This week I have been speed writing. At least, that’s how it feels. I can’t remember the last time I made this kind of progress in the short amount of time. I have written four chapters in my book on the Lord’s Supper!

I am also one review away from having this whole month of writing for my website finished. I have found that getting ahead for my website has allowed me the freedom to write much more than I ever would if I was worried about getting that content ready.

It’s for you to be ahead. Even more than that, I am also making strides in my book on having a relationship with the Holy Spirit. I seriously can’t believe how well I have done. I want to continue to do this well. I am trying to stay ahead of my website writing and am finding I have what time instead of last time to write in books.

I don’t want to act like I am full of pride. I’m more amazed than anything. Is that ever happened to you? You thought something would slow you down when it actually speed you up and frees you to do other things? I am experiencing that life principle right now. I am most thankful that the Lord has made me productive this week.

I want to be humble and realize I could continue to do this. If I think I am so far ahead that I decide not to keep ahead, I’ll be right back in the same tuition I was before. So, my goal is to stay ahead of the game. If I write one or two things for the website every day, I will have time to write in my books.

Like anything else, I have to remember what this feels like and replicate it day in and day out. It’s one of those things you don’t believe until it happens to you. Then you believe and wanted to keep happening. That’s where I am right now in my writing life. Do you have any helpful principles that apply to anything, not just writing? Comment and bring wisdom to us all! That’s all for now. Catch you next week for another writing update.

Image by John Howard from Pixabay

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