Wisdom Is the Key

February 24 | Proverbs 1:7

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7)

I am amazed at some of our country’s leaders. They make such foolish mistakes, but they live in a bubble. They don’t pay for their foolishness. When people without power and money make mistakes, they pay for it faster.

We seek Jesus’ wisdom from above. It starts with the fear of the Lord. Fearing the Lord does not mean being afraid of him, unless you are living in sin. To fear the Lord is to revere and worship him.

You give the Lord your all in worship. How do you learn how God has designed this world to operate? How do you know the best and most successful approach to life? Start with worshiping the Creator and Designer of this world.

You listen to his voice for every major decision in your life. Going to God with your questions and concerns is fearing the Lord. Humbly approaching Jesus’ throne gives you the upper edge in life.

Everything you receive comes through the window of wisdom. Asking the engineer how he made your car to work keeps you from wrecking it. Seeking God for wisdom shows you his designed paths for your success. Success does not mean selfishly getting what you want out of life. It means pleasing God and living within the bounds of his blessing.

Action Step: Read God’s word and seek him to have godly success in this world. James 1:5-8 says that if you lack wisdom and ask God, he readily gives it. What do you need God’s wisdom for today? Ask specifically!

Jesus, I seek you for the best way to honor you in my life. I want to walk in your blessing and please you. Give me your wisdom from above. Reveal the right paths to me today.

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