Why Is the Bible So Important?

Is the Bible the biggest book in the world?

I don’t understand what you mean by “biggest.” It is not the longest book in the world. But if you are talking about the Bible being the most important book in the world, you’re right on. The Bible is big in its scope.

It is one of three books in the monotheistic religions in the world. The Muslims bring the Qu’ran to the table and Judaism brings the Hebrew Bible. These are the top three monotheistic religions in the entire world.

They are all in contention, sharing some of the same accounts of history for each people group. The Qu’ran has parts of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament contained in its pages. Some of the people discussed in each of the books are the same people, like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The Hebrew Old Testament is shared between Jews and Christians. Christians claim the Old Testament is the old covenant foundation for the new covenant fulfilled by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The God of the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament is shared by both.

The difference is how everything turns out after these common parts of each book. Muslims believe Mohammed, who wrote the Qu’ran, is the greatest prophet. Judaism has a robust tradition surrounding the Hebrew Bible. And Christians claim that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah of the Old Testament, fulfilling all messianic prophecies.

So the Bible has quite an effect on the top three monotheistic religions in the world. For this reason, it is the biggest book in the world. So many people are aware of the Bible if not believing in parts of it, or all of it, as Christians believe in both Old and New Testament.

The Bible is also a historical document, containing information about the histories of many people in the world. Much of its ancient literature describes the world in complex ways. It includes many peoples and cultures in its pages.

In fact, historians and archaeologists are seeing more and more that the Bible is accurate to history. Most of what it says about history and archaeology is being confirmed by these two disciplines. So the Bible connects to many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East where all three religions reside.

It is a big book because of the claims it makes. The Bible claims to be the Word of God spoken by humans through humans throughout many different cultures and times. It makes claims as God’s Word, like being the Truth of God.

It then makes claims in the Old Testament of a Messiah, an Anointed King of God, a servant sent from God. These are big claims that the Bible backs up in the New Testament, as these authors claim that Jesus Christ is that Messiah.

The Bible makes claims that God has interacted with humanity throughout history, chosen Israel as a nation above all others, and through Israel has brought his Messiah into human history. It claims that Jesus Christ, this Messiah, lived in the first century AD.

It further claims that this Jesus Christ is the Savior of humanity. It claims that Jesus saves everyone from sin into the kingdom of God. These are big and serious claims. For believers and followers of Jesus Christ, the Bible meets all of these claims with the most evidence.

Although the Bible is all these things, it is more than any of them a book of faith. Because of the great claims of the Bible and the fact of being a book of faith, it has a place high among the world’s top religions.

We can think of the reach and scope of the Bible, the truth of the Bible, and evaluate its claims. But until we address the Bible as a book of faith, a book that is vying for our attention, we will miss the point. The Bible describes a loving God who cares very much about the world and its affairs.

We can think of the Bible in larger terms, but the best way to think of it is in personal terms. Jesus makes personal claims for us to trust in him. The Bible backs up those claims with prophecies about him. It claims that God has been working all along in human history.

But it also claims that Jesus is your Savior, your King, your Lord. Until each of us approaches the Bible with eyes of faith, we will miss exactly how big this book is. It is a book that calls us to personally evaluate its claims and its approach to faith.

The Bible is about big and important issues, the most important being whether or not you choose to trust in Jesus Christ for yourself. It is the biggest book in the world because it offers you a chance for salvation.

It’s big because it will change your life. The Bible has all of these things, but it is a claim no one can ignore because of its contributions to history and archaeology. Please make sure you don’t miss the biggest announcement of God’s grace and freedom freely given to every human being who takes the Bible seriously and looks at its claims for themselves.

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