What I’m Writing

I’m excited to be involved in several writing projects right now. I really enjoyed writing when I’m not preparing sermons and Bible studies. From time to time I’ll talk about the kinds of writing projects are doing. Many of them will be found on this blog somewhere.

  • y biggest project is a nonfiction book I’m writing on holiness. It has 12 chapters, and I am almost finished with the sixth. One of these days, will know him close to finished, I will post the contents of the book for you.
  • I’m also editing some of the short stories and novels that lay unpublished, gathering dust on my computer. But editing takes time because sometimes I have to rewrite sections of the story. Some of these stories will find their way onto the blog as well
  • Currently, I am writing and editing a short story entitled, “Enduring Hope” about a father and son on a camping trip. They find themselves in grave danger. You’ll have to wait to find out what happens.
  • I’m also writing a short story sci-fi series of serial episodes called, “The Thought Thieves” about machines that can read your thoughts. Some of you might really enjoy this. I’d like to publish it in a sci-fi magazine pretty soon.

I’m part of a writing course that is helping me not only to write stories, but also to learn how to get published. It’s a really great community of authors like myself called The Write Practice. If you’re interested in writing, I highly recommend it! Each of these writing projects takes time but I really hope they will be available soon for your reading pleasure. I appreciate every subscriber to my blog and reader. Even though I write several genres, fiction, and nonfiction, I hope you find something you enjoy. Don’t be a stranger!

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