What Are the Power Gifts?

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We’ve been going through our Seek the Gifts series on the gifts of the Spirit. Within the category of the spiritual gifts found in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, we discussed the subcategory of the revelation gifts. Let’s look at the next set of gifts, the power gifts.

Like the gifts we have already studied, these gifts work together. That’s why they are in their own subcategory. You’ll find people with the gift of faith can be used in the gifts of miracles and healings. And those who have the gift of miracles and healings show extreme faith.

As we study these three extraordinary gifts, seek the Lord and pray to discover if you have the characteristics of those with these gifts. Have you shown greater faith, see miracles and healings when you pray for others?

The Gift of Faith

Jesus expects faith from every Christian. Each of us has the faith to turn away from sin and trust in Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. We have faith to believe in Jesus as the Son of God and His power for living. We have the faith to believe in the doctrines of the Church.

Faith is a characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit. But this characteristic of the fruit has to do with our faithfulness to God and trust in Him. Not everyone is the gift of faith Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 12:9.

What Paul refers to when he mentions the gift of faith is an extraordinary, monumental trust in God to see great things like miracles and healings. This gift Christians have trusts God for the power to see and do great, and possible and astounding things.

This does not make you look like Peter and Paul. It’s not about people looking at you as someone who can do impossible things. This gift glorifies Jesus by showing that He does great things through you. And everything you do through this great faith is for Jesus’ glory. It is for others to see the works you do and glorify your Father in heaven.

Jesus talks about faith like a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds that produces a large tree (Matthew 17:20). Jesus says that such a small amount of faith can do great things. Christians with the gift of faith have the vision to see God do impossible things.

We all mentally ascend to God’s power. But people with this gift have the supernatural ability to see God doing these things before He does them. Their faith is the seed for miracles and healings, the impossible becoming reality.

This isn’t just a determination. It is a Spirit-led gift to believe for the impossible. Their faith empowers others to believe for these impossible things to happen. They are like the fuel on the fire of others’ belief in Jesus’ power.

In our darkest hour, people with the gift of faith rise up and remind us of Jesus’ sovereignty and power to flip the tables and bring light into darkness. They trust Jesus to deliver us from wickedness.

They have the conviction to give courage to those suffering persecution and trial. They bring peace to us when we suffer by changing our perspective to trust in Jesus’ ultimate plan for our lives. They come alongside us and increase our faith from their faith.

These are people who are mature in the faith and the things of God. They have completely surrendered their lives to God’s will and wield an unswerving obedience to Him. They are humble, though their faith does not waver despite the storms around them.

The Gift of Healings

Paul mentions these gifts without explanation or examples. Since throughout the centuries have sought to understand them better and see them in their ministries and lives. Several evangelists show the gift of healings as part of their ministries.

The gift of healings is plural, meaning that you don’t just see healing once or twice when you pray and minister to others. You will see healings regularly throughout your prayers. Jesus will use you to heal others.

The gift of healings is linked to the gift of faith. You must have great faith to see the impossible in healings happen. You aren’t the one that heals. Jesus heals others through your faith and prayers. We are never the focus when the Spirit is ministering throughout through any of these gifts. It is about the Spirit, not us.

Paul mentions this gift in 1 Corinthians 12:9, 28, and 30. This is not the wisdom or skill to heal others by natural means. Doctors and medical professionals have the skill and knowledge to use natural means. But this is the supernatural, Spirit-led ability given to see healings because of faith.

The Spirit Spontaneously gives this gift when the need arises. The gift of faith usually accompanies this gift because of the unbelief of others. Unbelief can happen in the one praying and the one waiting to receive healing. This is why the gift of faith can accompany this gift.

Evangelists can have this gift. As they address and combat the unbelief of Jesus’ claims and power, the Spirit can heal the sick as proof of Jesus’ power and willingness to heal (John 10:36-38). The demonstration of the Spirit’s power comes through the healing of the sick.

Healing doesn’t have to only be physical. People with the gift of healing can see emotional, spiritual, and psychological healing in their ministries. Those with this gift inspire and empower other people’s faith to see Jesus heal. The gift of healings brings glory to God (Mark 2:12).

When you have this gift, you may or may not feel anything when you pray for others. But the gift of healings is not about feeling something. It’s about being faithful to exercise your gift when the Spirit calls on you.

Although Jesus touches to heal throughout the Bible as part of healing, and the laying on of hands, it is not necessary for the Lord to heal others (Acts 5:15; 19:12). This gift is not about you track record of healing, but your obedience and faithfulness to use the gift when the Spirit calls on you.

The Gift of Miracles

The gift of working miracles comes directly from the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:9; Hebrews 2:3-4). The gift of faith also accompanies this gift much of the time. Faith gives the vision to see the Spirit’s work through you to produce miracles.

Miracles are extraordinary events they can cause even the greatest skeptic to believe in God’s power. A miracle is God breaking through the natural order of things to suspend them for a moment. This is God’s power through you to go beyond natural ability.

God suspends natural laws to show His power in ways that science can’t verify. God uses miracles as assigned unbelievers and those who don’t have the faith to see His impossible works. God doesn’t just do miracles to show off. They have power beyond the miraculous event and a purpose from God (Matthew 11:20–24).

They can lead people to repentance when they have turned from Jesus. When people challenge the authority of the gospel, miracles prove beyond a shadow of doubt God’s authority and power (1 Kings 18:36-39; Acts 13:6-12).

People who have the gift of miracleshave a God-given boldness to see these miracles take place in the lives of others. They also have extraordinary faith. The Spirit uses their personality and boldness to bring forth God’s miracles and prove His power in the midst of unbelief.

Wrapping Up

I would argue that these gifts are more amazing and powerful even then the utterance gifts we will discuss next. It’s impossible to refute God’s ability to heal in front of your eyes or performing miraculous event.

God uses these gifts in the midst of unbelief to show His power and abilities. They force belief because you can’t un-see them. I look forward to the day I am healed and can go to doctors who said it’s impossible. How can they not believe when they see me walking in front of them?

We see these gifts operating in places like Africa and the Middle East to show them God’s power and engender faith. My prayer is that we will see them more often in the Western world where skeptics reigned supreme. That is, until they run into the King of the universe and see His power displayed in full force. Have you seen these gifts operating in your life? Do you have one of these gifts?

Up Next

Now that we’ve looked at the power gifts, we will look at the final subcategory of gifts within the spiritual gifts, the utterance gifts.

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