Unanswered Prayer?

January 26 | Psalm 34:4-7

“I inquired of the Lord and he answered me, and he rescued me from all my fears. They look on him and shine, and their faces are not ashamed. This poor person cried out and the Lord heard, and he saved me from all my distress. The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he saves them.” (Psalm 34:4–7)

I hear many Christians talk about unanswered prayers. I suppose I could look at my own prayers for healing as unanswered. But I don’t believe in unanswered prayer. How many times do we categorize answers we don’t like as unanswered?

God is faithful, and he answers our prayers. Sometimes it’s a, “Yes.” Other times it say, “No.” He also answers with a, “Not yet.” He always has a reason for his answers. We can’t see with our limited human perspective his eternal, perfect perspective.

The same David who cries out to God and asks him why he hides his face here talks about God delivering him out of all his fears. God hears all your prayers. Trust that God hears you and answers your prayers. And he doesn’t always do it in the way you expect.

Since we know God hears our prayers and answers them, we must be patient. Sometimes there’s a time of waiting until we hear those answers. Daniel prayed and God answered, but the answer was delayed. Keep crying out to God and being persistent.

Action Step: Praise God for the answers to your prayers. Even when he tells you, “No,” it is for your best. Thank God for his eternal perspective, that he answers your prayers according to his will and timing. An answer delayed is not an answer denied.

Lord Jesus, I know you hear me always and I know you answer my prayers. Even in the times when I don’t know your answer immediately, I know you’re working all things out from my good and your glory.

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