Two Witnesses

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Why do the two witnesses of Revelation have powers if they came to preach?

The preaching of the gospel is often accompanied by signs and wonders of the Spirit. This is the reason that the two witnesses had the power of God to perform miraculous signs in front of the people in Revelation 11. Throughout the book of Revelation, the unbelieving inhabitants of the earth embrace the antichrist and his false prophet rather than turn to God.

Unbelieving people needed to see the signs of God’s power to see that he is real. No matter how many judgments and how much God pours out his wrath, the people still refuse to believe in him.

To send these two witnesses into such an environment requires the power of God to accompany the message of the good news. Even still with that power exhibited by the two prophets, the people refuse to turn to God.

In part, Revelation shows the inability of humanity to turn from its evil and wicked ways, to be blinded by the devil and his forces. Despite the hope that can be found in the gospel message, people refuse to turn from their evil ways. They are set in these ways and experience God’s wrath.

This is why we must make every opportunity to share the gospel with everyone around us. There is only a short time we have left before the times and events of Revelation will be in full swing. It will then be too late for people to have open hearts to receive the message of good news of Jesus.

The two witnesses that come and preach the gospel with powerful signs and wonders in Revelation are more a part of God’s judgment on the people than anything. While they do preach the gospel, their goal is not necessarily to win souls.

Because people have turned so hard against God, their appearance is more about convicting the people. Even with their powerful witness, people still refuse to turn to God. This hard-line approach to God only condemns the people even more because they do not listen once again to the powerful message of the gospel and turn from their wicked ways.

It confirms that the people have sealed their own condemnation by refusing to listen to the two witnesses. The way they treat them even after they are dead show the calloused hardhearted approach of the people. They had made their decision already and even such a powerful testimony will not turn them away from God’s wrath.

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