Theirs Is the Kingdom

Day 19: Prayer Focus: The Persecuted Church | Matthew 5:10

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10)

We live in a privileged country with rights that protect Christians. But much of the rest of the world persecutes Christians. They don’t have laws to protect them. They suffer persecution and martyrdom for the name of Jesus. Some of us cannot understand that. It’s hard to pray for situations you cannot conceive of.

The persecuted Church around the world needs our prayers. We can send money to missionaries, but money can’t stop persecution. Prayer can. I have missionary friends in Muslim countries that have laws against proselytizing Muslims. They can literally lose their heads for talking about Jesus, handing out Bibles, and doing anything else considered proselytization.

I pray for these friends a lot. I want to see them again. You and your church may support missionaries in these dangerous places. God has called them into these hard places. They go willingly because of that call. Jesus talks about a blessing for those who are persecuted. They suffer for His name all around the world.

That blessing doesn’t come because they are persecuted. It comes because of the great reward Jesus has for them. They are willing to go to places many of us would feel very uncomfortable talking about Jesus. They don’t question the Lord. They are obedient no matter the cost. These people need our gratitude and prayer.

Those prayers in the middle of the night may prevent the devil from taking the lives of these missionaries. Their protection and salvation from death is a prayer away. Let us be the ones obedient to the Lord as they have been in prayer. We need to lift these people up before the Lord and ask Him to protect them and keep them safe.

Prayer Points

  • That God would protect missionaries in dangerous and persecuted regions
  • For God to protect churches, pastors, and leaders around the world
  • For God to provide resources for missionaries and persecuted churches to win the lost despite the dangers
  • That God would send revival to the persecuting countries and change their hearts and policies against Christians

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