The Sixth Seal

Revelations 6:14 says that the Heavens will be rolled up like a scroll. Is the apostle John basically saying the atmosphere will be shattered or the entirety of space and time?

The verse before, Revelation 6:13, says that the stars fell out of the sky. Then John tells us that this guy vanished like a scroll being rolled up. I would lean toward space being shaken and it being observed from the point of view of the earth.

There’s only one scroll left in the seven scrolls. As they gather in intensity from one to the next, we are almost at the point of the end of the old heavens and old earth, the ones we are currently on. So this is one of the worst steps before the very end. Already, life has become unsustainable with the other scrolls. By the time we get to the sixth, we are already beyond the point of no return. God is undoing his creation, as he began in Genesis with the heavenly lights. Now he is taking them away so that humanity lives in darkness, the physical nature of their spiritual reality for a very long time.

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