The God Who Sees Me

September 8 | Genesis 16:13

“So she called the Lord’s name Who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen the One who looks after me.”” (Genesis 16:13)

Have you ever felt like everyone was taking advantage of you? At work, maybe at home, or even at church. How do you stop them? God sees you in your situation.

Hagar belonged to Sarah. Sarah had complete control over her slave. She could do whatever she wanted. God promised Abraham a child by Sarah in his old age. But Sarah couldn’t see how that would happen since she was barren. So she gave Hagar to Abraham to have a child in her place.

Hagar was tossed around for whatever they wanted. Sarah didn’t see her as a person. Abraham had his way with her. And when she became pregnant Sarah hated her. Abraham was willing to throw her away.

She did the only thing she could… She ran away. And in the wilderness she met God. Unlike Abraham and Sarah, God told her some amazing things about her future son. But most of all He told her that He listened to her in her affliction.

No matter what you’re going through God hears your prayers. He knows your situation. He sees your hurt, your pain, and your suffering. And he knows exactly what to do for you.

Action Step: Know that God sees you and your pain, your trial, and your impossible situation. There’s nothing you are going through that He doesn’t know about or have a way out of. He is with you, walking through the fire with you.

Heavenly Father, I know you’re with me as I go through this trial. I am not alone because You have given me Your Spirit. You walk with me and only You have the power to change this situation. Thank You for Your presence.

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