Thanks for Your Greatness

November 24 | Psalm 136:1

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.” (Psalm 136:1, ESV)

When I was in Bible College my Hebrew professor, Professor Medina and one of our chapels got up and prayed, “We thank You that You are good and You are great. You are good and all that You do for us. And You are greater than us, higher than the heavens.”

The psalmist calls Him my three names, the Lord, the God of gods, the Lord of lords. God is good to you every day. He pours out His blessings in your life. Every good gift comes from Him. But He is also great. He is greater than anyone.

His goodness would mean very little without His greatness. I can wish to do good for someone that may not have the power to do so. But not so with God. He is infinitely great, with all power in the universe and beyond. When He wills to do good to you nothing can stop it from happening.

God pours out His goodness on you, and for this you must praise and thank Him. God is good and He has the power of greatness to bestow His goodness on you. What would life be like if God did not wish to share His goodness with you? What if He did not have the power to be good to you? But you are truly blessed because God is good and God is great.

Action Step: Thank God for his goodness to you every day. Thank Him that He is great and worthy of all your praise. Remember the goodness and greatness of your God.

Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, thank You for your goodness to me all my days. Your blessings are too numerous to count. And you are great. You are above creation and worthy of all my praise. You are too good to me.

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