March 9 | Psalm 22:16-18

“For dogs have surrounded me, a company of evildoers has encircled me like a lion, my hands and my feet. I can count all my bones; they take note and look at me. They divide my garments among them; they cast lots for my clothing.” (Psalm 22:16–18)

Have you ever felt like everything in life was coming for you? Some people deal with panic attacks all their lives. Labored breathing, followed by hyperventilating, clutching of the chest, and feeling like your head is imploding. Stress really has a physical effect on us.

Can you imagine how Jesus felt hectic from the cross? Psalm 22 is messianic prophecy about Jesus on the cross. A clear picture of his enemies surrounding him, evil to the core. It doesn’t get any clearer than describing his hands and feet pierced on the cross my nails.

Jesus could probably see his balance after being scourged with the whip. The cat of nine tails with had pieces of bone and metal in it, ripping away the skin and muscles. And the soldiers divided his close cast lots for them ().

Crucifixion was the most brutal way to kill a person. Jesus suffered all this for you. When you face enemies at work or school, it’s nothing like what he faced for you. Jesus fights for you. He is your Defender, your Rock, your Fortress.

Action Step: Thank Jesus for fighting for you on the cross. He went there so he could redeem you and make you part of God’s family. Remember his suffering when you face suffering and trials of your own.

Jesus, thank you for suffering for me on the cross. You went in my place. I can live a life of freedom because of you. Prepare me for the battles I face today. Help me remember your victory and that I am an overcomer because of you.

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