Stumbling Block and Folly

April 4 | 1 Corinthians 1:23

“but we keep preaching Christ, who has been crucified, a stumbling block of offense to Jews, and to Gentiles, ridiculous” (1 Corinthians 1:23)

Some people say the strangest things. I’m convinced they do it to get attention. Most of it doesn’t make sense. Perhaps that’s by design. The best way to get attention is to make a full of yourself or presume something that may not be true.

Oftentimes in the public square, we can say whatever you want without having to back it up with truth and facts. Even after fact checkers make corrections to the witness of popularity, we still don’t always accept it. This happens many times in politics.

Paul didn’t preach Jesus to make a fool of himself, or to be popular.. Just the opposite. The Cross was a stumbling block to Jews because of what their loss said. One law proclaims that anyone who dies on a tree is cursed.

The Greeks (Gentiles) couldn’t understand the Cross either. I would someone, especially an innocent man, be crucified? It didn’t make sense to anyone. But when we come to the Cross can see Jesus, it makes sense to us.

You have to see the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross was for you. If He didn’t go to the cross, you would not have eternal life. It’s a stumbling block and folly to those who don’t know Jesus because they have yet to see His love for them as He loves you.

Action Step: Take the same love Jesus showed you and show it to someone today. Offer your resources, sacrifice your schedule, and show them Jesus’s love.

Jesus, I see what You did for me, and it is beautiful! You went through that brutal torture to prove over and over to me Your love. I love you. I want to show it like You did. How can I show my love for you today?

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