Stray Sheep

March 19 | Isaiah 53:6

“All of us like sheep have wandered about, each person has turned to his own way on the Lord has laid on Him the guilt of us all.” (Isaiah 53:6)

Frank Sinatra sang, “I Did It My Way,” and he lived the life of the stray sheep. But he’s not the only one. Every one of us was a stray sheep until the Good Shepherd reeled us in with his rod and staff. We’ve all gone our own way in the past.

Jesus takes you in your wayward wanderings and brings you back into the fold. He heals your wounds and whispers sweetly in your ear. He knows how to take care of you. He knows just what you need.

The soothing presence of the Good Shepherd Jesus brings you peace. You were lost in the wilderness but Jesus left the ninety-nine to find you. He suffered in your place. He took you to himself. He paid your price.

Jesus is the selfless stranger who paid your bill. It was God’s will to crush Jesus in your place. And while he was crushed on the cross, he was thinking of you. God’s judgment fell on him. His freedom fell on you.

Action Step: Ponder the suffering of Jesus on the cross for you. He is the Good Shepherd who paid for your crimes. He suffered in public for your private sins. God beat his son to bring your keys.

Precious Shepherd, each of my place. You set my feet on the rock and put me in the right direction. Keep me from going astray again. Let your Spirit guide me into your truth and light. You took my sins. Now take delight in the works I do to please you out of gratitude and love.

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