April 2 | John 13:12-15

“Then when He washed their feet and put on His outer clothing and reclined at the table. Again He said to them, “Do you understand what I have done for you? You call Me ‘Teacher,’ and ‘Lord,’ and you speak correctly, for I am. If I, then, wash your feet, as Lord and Teacher, you also ought to wash one another’s feet, for I gave you an example so that just as I did for you, you also do.” (John 13:12–15)

The world is full of people who use the power they are given to lord it over others. They act like they are better than everyone else. They abuse people with their power. They let you know that there are better than you and above you.

As he came to the end of his life, Jesus spent his last minutes with his disciples teaching the most important things he wanted them to become as his disciples. God’s kingdom works opposite the world. Jesus was the best teacher because he didn’t only teach with words. He taught with actions.

He modeled what it means to be a servant, to put everyone else ahead of yourself. Peter refused his kindness when he tried to wash his feet. Judas sat as his betrayer. And Jesus washed their feet. How much greater can a servant be?

He loved even his betrayer. He loved the man who denied him three times on the worst, most lonely night of his life. He served the unlovable. And all he asks of us is that we follow his example and learn to serve the ones we don’t feel deserve it.

Action Step: Be a servant to everyone around you. Serve even the ones who don’t treat you well. Serve the ones who treat you like an enemy. Ask Jesus for his strength and insight to serve others like he did.

Jesus, teach me to serve and love others like you did. Show me ways to serve those who hate me. Give me divine appointments to minister to others. Help me to wash the feet of those who need me the most.

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