2020 Sermons

Seeking His Presence

September 26 | Access Church

In this message on the presence of the Lord, we look at three people in the Bible who experience God's presence and powerful, profound, and personal ways.

Moses experienced God's powerful presence on Mount Sinai. Elijah experienced God's profound presence in God's victory on Mount Carmel and God's visit to him on Mount Sinai. Paul knew God is his personal presence as he sought to grow closer to Him above all else.

The Path to Peace

March 15 | Access Kids

In this message, I talked to kids about how to forgive others even if they don't forgive you from Matthew 5:23-24. We can lose our relationships others if we don't learn how to forgive them.

Locked and Loaded

February 23 | Access Church

We need to be prepared for God's presence and for him to use us in our gifts.