Quiet Strength

May 14 | Matthew 5:5

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

Our world can’t understand meek. They think any form of power that does not have control is weak. But they’re not the same thing. They think strength must be overwhelmingly observable. A man’s man shows off his strength and power to others.

But the world is wrong. A humble, gentle spirit accomplishes much more than an arrogant, loud one. When has arrogance ever gotten you anything other than angry responses? The meek person has a quiet strength, knowing when to use that strength and when to allow it to work for itself.

True strength isn’t in raw power. It’s in knowing how to apply the proper amount to the proper situation. If you use too much strength you may break something rather than adjust it. So being meek is a strength, not a weakness.

But it’s also one of the hardest of the Beatitudes to grasp and apply. Those who managed to learn how to apply a quiet strength to life will inherit the earth. The Lord will give the gift of new heavens and the new earth to his children after the end times.

But even before then, those who learn how to use their power and strength properly will find that others treat them well in the land they live in now. Jesus calls us to demonstrate this quiet strength, this humility, before others. And when we find a way to use the right amount of strength for every situation, we will be blessed.

Action Step: Use your situations at work and at home to hone your ability to be meek. Don’t overuse your authority and strength on others.

Lord Jesus, it’s hard for me to understand what it means to be meek. But I want to lead a blessed life in you. Teach me how to be meek and honor you and all of my relationships.

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