Provision and Presence

January 23 | Psalm 23:6

“Surely, goodness and steadfast love will pursue my life all of my days,
and I shall dwell in the Lord’s house forevermore!” (Psalm 23:6)

At the heart of being human our basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. You could call us selfish for wanting to fulfill these basic needs. But they are necessary to our survival. What we don’t often realize is what else is fundamental to our needs.

David knew God would provide all his needs and show him goodness and mercy his whole life. But he also mentioned another fundamental need, the need for our spirits and souls to live in God’s presence. Without these needs fulfilled, we are incomplete.

We need God’s goodness because he’s all-powerful. We don’t like powerful people because “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” They don’t always have the needs of others in mind. But God is all-powerful and all-good. He created you and cares about you.

He freely gives us mercy in goodness even though we don’t deserve them. But more than that, he allows us to be in his presence. He works our whole lives to make us holy so we can be compatible with him. And this gift of his presence is ours forever.

Action Step: Don’t strive so hard to fulfill your needs. The Lord is your Provider. He knows what you need before you need it. He is good to you. Most of all, he provides his presence, his Spirit dwelling within you

Lord Jesus, thank you for providing all my needs, and that your presence is with me always. Thank you for your Holy Spirit who dwells in me, a foretaste of heaven. Help me to be satisfied and content in your provision and presence today.

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