Prosperity Gospel

What is “prosperity gospel” and do all denominations teach it?

Prosperity gospel has several facets to it. The main idea is that if you are a Christian, God blesses you with wealth and health. When you give money to God or the ministries of ministers and evangelists, you receive money back from God, like he’s a bank.

Another facet of the prosperity gospel is taking very literally the idea of Christians being a holy priesthood. They suggest that Christians have royal blood in their veins and are nobles. They think because we are royalty we are entitled to anything we want.

We should never get sick or have any problems that the Bible mentions happen to the wicked. We lead a perfect and royal life. We walk the earth like kings. This is what they believe and expect. And if none of this is happening to you then you don’t have enough faith. Ironically, you can’t ask them if they have enough faith.

Prosperity gospel and faith are linked. There are many examples of tele-evangelists who take full advantage of this prosperity gospel. The money that comes into their ministries is used for all sorts of worldly pleasures for themselves. They buy planes and have giant million-dollar houses.

This is most often preached among the Independent and Charismatic denominations. It seems to have its claws in those the most. They talk about miracles and astounding works of God that they say they’ve seen or had happened in their ministries. They use all of these stories to get even more money from people.

It does not happen among any other denominations that I am aware of. It is not of God. It’s a dangerous movement that preys on people’s faith for money. Everything that they teach twists Scripture. They take the genuine faith of people and pervert it for their own gain.

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