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March 26 | Luke 6:17-19

“Then He came down with them and stood on a level place, and a large crowd of His disciples was with Him, and a great multitude of people from all Judea and Jerusalem and the seacoast district of Tyre and Sidon who came to hear Him and be healed from their diseases, and those who were harassed by unclean spirits, were healed, and all the crowd was seeking to touch Him because power was going out from Him and healing everyone.” (Luke 6:17–19)

In our world, people’s lives can be in danger for many reasons. If you watch enough drama TV, you would be afraid of everything. Conspiracy theorists probably are. But most people don’t consider much of these dangers on a daily basis.

When Jesus came into a Gentile region, as soon as the people saw him, they came running because they knew he was a Healer. Jesus healed everyone he came into contact with. The power for healing was so strong that even his garment people.

As Jesus moved closer to Jerusalem, to his death on the cross, he wielded great power to heal the sick. The religious leaders saw him more as a threat now than ever before.

But as Jesus was going to the cross, he was already doing great miracles of healing and salvation. He was delivering those who had demons. It is no different now. Jesus has been raised from the dead and is alive today. That same power that flowed from him then flows from him now.

Action Step: What do you need in your life right now? Jesus has the power to heal your diseases, protect you from demonic activity, and guide you into a deeper relationship with him. Ask Jesus for whatever you need.

Jesus, I humbly come before you in your presence. I need your healing touch in my body. I need you to heal the emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds caused by others. Make me whole in your site. I lift your name higher than every other name.

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