Politics, Politics, Part 3

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In this season of voting and choosing candidates, I want to take a few posts to share some of my biblically political views on the world. You won’t find my personal views here. But you will find the perspective of a preacher and pastor when it comes to Earth’s politics. In each blog post, I will share some of my sermon material and thought process about politics. Enjoy!

This is the second type of sermon I preach during the season. It all has to do with how much our vote matters as citizens of heaven first and citizens of a country second. How much stocked we put in politics to solve our problems on this earth?

Jesus is the Answer

Next, I preach that Jesus alone is the answer for America’s, and the world’s, problems. No president can cure all of our problems all at once. Unfortunately, America is in a mess right now. The lack of leadership in this country has divided us more than ever on values, vision, and other elements that glue this country together.

No one president or term (even an eight year term) can “fix” America. No matter what you think will fix this country, it’s designed for the president to work together with lawmakers and the judicial system. The president can’t do it on his or her own.

We are so divided we no longer compromise. The only time anything is passed in Congress is when one party has their people in the White House and Congress. The deep state and rogue judges legislating instead of interpreting the law make it impossible for us to move forward with any meaningful progress.

If Jesus is the answer to all of our problems, it is more effective for America to come to Jesus (even one at a time, which is what my job entails as a believer and pastor) than to put our trust in a presidential candidate and that person’s promises and plans.

Do you realize how close to confusing God’s rule with man’s rule we get when we vote? Take a look at this. The candidates this year have promises. God has promises in His Word. The candidates have a plan for America. God has plans for us. The candidates will use authority. God has complete authority.

It’s like we’re voting for mini gods, and we as believers get all caught up in all of this, not remembering that they are mere humans who will most likely be unfaithful to their own promises and values and plans.

Here’s what the Bible says about politics: We trust in the Lord rather than in military might, political power or any other form of human ability (Psalm 20:7-8). Don’t fear the leaders of this world and don’t waste your life on conspiracy theories (Isa 8:11-15).

God is our only King (1 Sam 8:4-18) and human leaders will take advantage of us by nature. The very phrase “Jesus is Lord” was a Christian’s subservient way of saying Jesus is divine authority, not the Caesars of Rome who declared themselves divine.

This doesn’t mean that we should hide from politics. It is clear that God wants us to choose Him as King, and the Bible talks about Jesus reigning physically on the earth as King in the Millennial Reign (Dan 7:15-22; Rev 20:1-6). Hebrews 1:8-9 quotes the Old Testament to remind us that Jesus rules on the throne. Jesus is King and He will reign completely.

Human Leaders Should Fear God

But shouldn’t human leaders follow God’s rule? Weren’t the kings of Israel subject to God as true King? Sure, it was supposed to be that way. There were three offices in Israel, priests, prophets and kings.

The priests took care of the duties of continuing in faith with God. They worked in the sacrificial system, the legal system and the temple. The prophets were designed to be God’s mouthpiece so that the kings would hear from God and do what He said. The Kings were chosen and anointed for service to God by the priests and prophets.

It sounds like a good system, until the kings decided they wanted to do their own thing, so they killed the prophets. Now there is no voice of God to hold them in check.

But it was a common principle for the kings to fear God and His wrath when they did not follow His ways. David is a man after God’s own heart who sought to follow His ways (Psalm 77:13; 119:11, 18). But then you have kings who refused to follow His ways (Psalm 2:10-12).

The Bible prescribes that human leaders do best when they follow God’s ways. It is for that reason that I search for a candidate who will adhere as closely to the biblical idea of morality when they are ruling. But I can’t see their heart.

I can only gather through observing their lifestyle, their behavior and their speech if they will be godly or not. And I can be wrong. Politicians make a living fooling people into marking their checkbox on the ballot.

We each do the best we can in politics, but our concern is more with what God says in His Word and how to bring about His Kingdom through one individual’s life change at a time.

Leave a comment and tell me how you square the kingship of Jesus with our world today. No one gets politics completely right. But we can remember that Jesus is Lord. And we can all do our best to follow the convictions the Spirit has placed in each of us. Keep reading next week to hear my final type of sermon on politics.

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  1. Elizabeth Anderson

    Jesus is king!!! Amen! I liked how you outlined the different jobs for prophets, priest and king. Awesome job

    1. Jonathan Srock

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I’m glad you are enjoying this miniseries on Christians and politics. Thanks for your comments!

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