Out of a Generous Heart

November 29 | Exodus 36:6-7

“So Moses gave the command and the word was passed along through the camp, saying, “Let not man or woman do anything more for a contribution of the sanctuary.” And the people were restrained from bringing, so the contribution was more than enough to do it, and there was more left over.” (Exodus 36:6–7)

Moses had just been given specific instructions on how to build the tabernacle. But he did not have the materials or means to do it on his own. It was too big a project. He had a few options. He could do it we do and tax the people. But he chose another option.

Whether wisdom or the Lord gave Moses this idea we do not know. But Moses asked the people to contribute to the tabernacle. Contribution is one of the greatest biblical ideas. It calls on your generosity and makes you part of the project.

The people gave to the work of the Lord but didn’t have to do work they were unable to do. The tabernacle would be beautiful but it needed artisans, carpenters, metalworkers, people to sew fabrics, and the like. These are skilled jobs not everyone can do. But everyone can contribute.

The people gave so generously that there were actually too many materials for the artisans to use. They told Moses the people needed to stop sending them things. How would people have anything in the wilderness? When they left Egypt they plundered the Egyptians who gave them all kinds of things to get them away from them.

Action Step: What’s in your hand to give to the work of the Lord? God has blessed you and prosper you. But how can you use what you have to be generous toward others?

Jesus, create a generous heart in me. I want to help others and I know you have blessed me to bless them. Show me what to give and how much to give to Your work.

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