Nothing Special?

March 16 | Isaiah 53:3

“He was despised and forsaken by men, a Man of grief, and experienced in suffering, and One from whom they hide their faces, He was despised, and we respected Him not.” (Isaiah 53:3)

There are different kinds of knowledge. We can know facts about a person, and we can experience a personal relationship. I know facts about the president, but I have never met him. If I had met him, he’s probably nothing like what people say he is.

Facts can get in the way of truly knowing a person. The facts of others may not be the actual facts. There is a common, public perception about people that may be wildly inaccurate. Once you get to know them through personal experience, you get a completely different picture.

That’s how it was with Jesus of Nazareth. Most people despised Jesus, even though he went around preaching the good news of God’s kingdom and doing miracles. The religious leaders pinned him as a false prophet, a blasphemer, demon possessed.

But he is the Son of God, the promised Messiah, Savior of the world. If you listen to what everyone else says about Jesus, even today, you will miss who he truly is. He knew more sorrow and grief in any one of us. He sees you. He knows you. He’s been there.

Action Step: Jesus meets you where you are. He understands everything you’re going through. Rest in his presence and know his peace. He’s the eye of the storm.

Jesus, you know my situation. You know how I feel inside. You were there, had it worse than I ever have. I trust in you through this storm. I lay it at your feet. Be with me in your sweet presence.

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