Not Amount But Attitude

October 12 | Mark 12:43-44

“And calling His disciples He said to them, “Truly I say to you: this poor widow put more than all those who are contributing to the offering box, for they all contributed their abundance, but she out of her lack put in everything she had, the entirety of her livelihood.”” (Mark 12:43–44)

Many people question percentages of how much to give in church. People question me about the tithe from time to time. But I have found the amount is not as important as the attitude of our hearts.

Rather than asking how much you are willing to contribute ask yourself how much you are willing to trust God to provide for you. Jesus watched how much people were giving in the offering at the Temple.

Some people put in really impressive large sums of money. But Jesus knew they were given a small sum out of their wealth. God isn’t impressed with giving a meager amount to Him out of His abundant blessings.

Who do you give for? If you give to be seen by other people they will be impressed. But unlike them, God knows how much you have and how much you give. But if you give for God it doesn’t matter what other people think.

Jesus knew the wealth from which the rich gave meager amounts. He knew the poverty from which the widow gave. To everyone else her offering looks like nothing. But Jesus knew she gave everything. She trusted in God’s provision instead of her own.

Action Step: Financial giving to God shows the level of your faith in His provision. Use this as your principal forgiving instead of a number. Ask the Spirit what to give.

Jesus, I trust in You for all my provision. Give me the faith to trust You even more and to quit playing the numbers game when it comes to my gratitude to You.

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