No Excuses

March 30 | Luke 9:57

“Now as they were traveling on the road, someone said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.”” (Luke 9:57)

When you witness to people, do they offer excuses? “I have plenty of time left to accept Jesus.” “I’m having too much fun right now.” “I’ll get back to you on that.” People don’t realize how fleeting our lives are.

But am I a true disciple of Christ? Did I think that following him would be something that would get into heaven? The cost of discipleship, of following Jesus to the end, isn’t as rosy as they tell you. Sure, his burden is light, but he also promised persecution and suffering.

Don’t become a lukewarm follower. Your faith in Jesus must be strong before the storm hits. It’s not the reason for falling away from him. These three people wanted to serve Jesus, but they had other agendas and priorities.

Serving Jesus requires complete surrender. We don’t experience blessing all the time. There can be suffering and trial. We must learn contentment in every situation. We must have proper priorities. Jesus must come first. Anything that causes delay in serving him holds us back.

Action Step: Evaluate your life. What is holding you back from serving Jesus in a greater capacity? A busy schedule, relationships that drag you away from him, looking before you leap. All of these will keep you from being more zealous for Jesus and his kingdom.

Jesus, I fully commit to being your disciple. I put you above all of the things and people in my life. I will serve you all of my days no matter what it takes. I’m all in. May my life be a sweet aroma and sacrifice to you.

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