Mocked for You

March 6 | Psalm 22:6-8; Mark 15:29-30

“But I am a worm and not a man, a reproach of humanity and despised by the people. All who see me mock me. They open their mouths and wag their heads. “He is committed to the Lord,” let him deliver him. Let him rescue, for he delights in him.” (Psalm 22:6–8)

“And those passing by slandered Him, wagging their heads and saying, “Aha! You would level the Temple and build it in three days, save yourself, and come down from the Cross.”” (Mark 15:29–30)

Bullying has become is no longer ignored. People are beginning to realize its dangers and long-term effects. I don’t know many people who haven’t dealt with it in their past.

Everyone around Jesus on that Friday mocked him for who he is. They had no idea they were fulfilling Scripture from Psalm 22. They made fun of Jesus at his lowest point. This is all part of his suffering for you.

He could have come down from the cross. But if he would’ve, you would not be free from sin. You would not have an inheritance of eternity with God. He stayed, even though he could call angels to take him down. He endured the insults of others, unfounded as the Son of God. Suffering is part of the gospel and your trials for Christ.

Action Step: Thank Jesus for enduring the scorn of others for your sake. You live in God’s goodness because of Jesus’ suffering for you. Are you suffering the insults and persecution of others? There is victory and reward in the end for your suffering.

Jesus, thank you for suffering on the cross. You endured insults in my place. Teach me to endure suffering for your sake. Give me the strength to bear up under persecution and keep faith in you.

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