May 16 | Matthew 5:7

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” (Matthew 5:7)

Merciful people are often not seen as strong in the world. Many times in sports we see unhappy coaches when athletes show mercy to their opponents. And yet we all want the judge to show us mercy if we are the defendant in court.

Jesus teaches against being judgmental of others, and here he makes one of the Beatitudes about being merciful instead. God is the Judge and we have no right to take vengeance or judge others. The Bible leaves toward being merciful instead of judging others.

In Luke 6:36 Jesus says that God the Father is merciful and we should be like him. Throughout Scripture, Jesus is calling you to be more merciful than passing judgment. James says that mercy triumphs over judgment.

If you were in a place of judgment, you would want the other person to be merciful. Mercy rescues us from vengeance and treats us to the same approach God gives. Until the day when his wrath will be poured out against the sin and rebellion of the world God acts in mercy toward us.

How can you be more merciful today? It’s not easy for us to do. It’s not our go to choice. But God is working this kingdom character trait in you. He wants you to be more like him, and when you grant mercy to others you will receive mercy. This is your blessing in Christ.

Action Step: Find a way to be merciful to someone today. When they wrong you, choose that moment to show mercy instead of judging them. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Jesus, thank you for showing me mercy when I didn’t deserve it. Help me to show others mercy so I can be like you. Thank you for working your kingdom character in my heart and life.

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