Meaning of Revelation

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What does the Book of Revelation tell us?

John’s Revelation is of Jesus Christ. It is set in the end times, the apocalypse in which the world has turned against God and worships the dragon, the beast, and its false prophet. In these unsteady times, the book of Revelation shows how Jesus is the unmatched King of the universe.

Jesus is greater than anything that may be faced in the end times or the apocalypse. The last days are already upon us at the end of days is coming soon. Christians must feel safe in Jesus’ arms. He protects the saints despite what’s going on around them.

While heavenly beings from the four creatures around the throne to the angels in heaven worship Jesus and carry out God’s judgment upon the earth, events get worse and worse for everyone on earth. Despite God’s judgment the people refuse to turn to him.

All of this culminates into the battle of Armageddon where Jesus finally brings the complete judgment of God upon the earth and the kingdoms of this world. He rules the earth physically for 1000 years in the millennial reign and after it, humanity still turns back to the evil dragon, Satan.

The book ends with God’s final judgment and then celebration of God’s rule over his creation. The last two chapters tell of the new Jerusalem coming down from heaven. This is after God creates the new heavens and new earth. Eternity begins and the people of God enjoy his presence in heaven forever.

The message of Revelation is that no matter what happens around us, Christians can feel secure in God’s reign. Jesus is on our side and things will get worse before they get better. But Jesus is with us always. We don’t need to fear anything that happens on this earth.

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