Loving the Journey

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It’s amazing how far we’ve come in travel. Just 200 years ago, we were subject to horseback and wagons. But now we have trains, planes, and automobiles. The speed of life has increased because of our travel options.

The amount of ground we can cover today is mind-boggling. Some people love to travel. Put them in the driver’s seat of the car and they are in their element. Planes travel so fast that they can put you halfway around the world in one day.

Many novels like sagas and ethics follow a hero’s journey. The perils, trials, quirky new friends, and strange new lands entertained for hours. There’s nothing like a great song that to read about or watch on a movie.

Everyone loves the story of a captivating journey. And it should be no different in the matter of holiness. Holiness presents us with a whole different type of journey. It all starts before we know Jesus. There is no struggle against sin. We do what we want.

But the moment we meet Jesus, everything changes for the better. It’s just like the stories we read in those novels. Our world changes. New possibilities of glorifying God and living for a greater+ than ourselves present themselves.

And along with being new creatures and having a new life, new struggles emerge. Suddenly, we are free from sin. But that just makes it chase us all the more. We are dead to sin and shouldn’t respond to it at all. But temptation rears its ugly head, trying to pull us back into our old life.

But we also have a new friend, the Holy Spirit, who leads us into a holy life that pleases God and glorifies him. When we obey and follow him, he teaches us the ways of God. He protects and empowers us to win the battle.

Everything changes. We have a new destiny. No longer are we headed to hell because of our sinful choices. God gives us an attendance in heaven. We may have started on the wrong side but now we have a righteous Master who is making us the person God created in the beginning.

Just as they have always said, the journey and adventure are just as fun as the destination. Some people just want to get there. And other people love the wild ride it takes to arrive. The journey and destination will be a blast.

Don’t miss out on the journey of holiness. The moment we met Jesus, he declared us righteous. He declared us holy. He calls us saints, a word meaning “Holy ones.” But the process of sanctification is to turn us into those holy ones.

When Jesus returns, the process will be complete. The final step is glorification, when Jesus’ declaration and our journey culminate in us being what he says we are. Let’s enjoy the journey even with its struggles. Nobody will be perfect until the end. But we strive to obey and become what God knows he has made us.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the journey. Do you enjoy the journey or do you just want to get there?

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