Life of Noah

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What lessons have you learned from the life of Noah and his family?

There are many lessons we can learn from Noah. I will list just a few that I have learned as I have studied his life. Noah was a man who lived a righteous life in the middle of a culture that was so ungodly that God detested humanity and wished he had never made humans (Genesis 6:6-7).

He lived in an era of wickedness but maintained his righteousness. He walked with God when everyone else found new ways to sin and grieve God’s heart. We as Christians are surrounded by a world of sin, and yet the Holy Spirit dwells in us. We live out God’s righteousness on the earth in spite of the wickedness around us.

Noah was a man of God and was obedient to everything God told him to do. Can you imagine a time when no one knew what a flood was, and yet Noah listened to God without questioning him? Obeying God meant going against the culture and all of the naysayers around him.

Noah didn’t give in to those around him who scoffed at him and made fun of him. He stayed true to his faith in God. And that faith in God saved him and his family. If he had not obeyed God and built the ark, no one would have survived the flood that God was sending in judgment.

Many people don’t realize that for 100 years as Noah built the ark, he preached the impending judgment of God without seeing a single convert. What kind of faith can last for 100 years! I pray that my faith will be as stout and persevering as his.

He was also man of patience who waited on the Lord in the ark until the rains stopped and the floodwaters decreased. I know I would never be that patient. Imagine what it was like just with the family in that ark for that long.

Going through Covid-19, everyone is cooped up in their houses. Cabin fever rages on, and it only takes so long for us to get sick of one another. Close quarters don’t suit most human beings. And then there’s the animals that must’ve drove him nuts after a while. I’ll bet they did some social distancing after they got out of the ark.

Because of his righteousness, faithfulness, and patience, Noah is certainly a man of faith worth emulating. Of course, nobody is perfect, and I’m sure he had his faults. But the Bible presents him as a man of God in a time of wickedness. May we have the character and faith of Noah!

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