Large and In Charge

April 7 | Luke 22:51

“But Jesus answered, saying, “Stop this!” Then He touched the ear, healing him.” (Luke 22:51)

When I began pastoring, I read a lot of leadership books. One of John Maxwell’s books talked about “The Law of E. F. Hutton.” It states, “When the real leader speaks, people listen.” Jesus doesn’t seem to be afraid. During his arrest and betrayal, he is the one in charge.

I believe the prayer in the garden Gethsemane prepared Jesus for everything he was about to face. He had a peace about what was going to happen. He feared no one. In fact, he healed one last person before they took him into custody.

With a crowd of soldiers to take him in, zealous disciples swinging swords in the dark, and two-faced religious leaders, Jesus was the one everyone was watching. He picked up the ear of an enemy, touched the side of his head, and restored what was lost.

With complete authority, he simply says, “No more of this.” Jesus will not allow his disciples to misunderstand how his kingdom works in the heat of the moment. That same peace, confidence, and courage he leaves with you.

Action Step: Ask Jesus for his peace and confidence in your situation. Nothing you face today surprises Jesus. He has seen your pain and suffering coming. Rest in his peace, even though the storm clouds surround you. He is with you, and his presence is more precious than any other resource.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for your peace in my storm. You give me strength and let me know I’m not alone. Teach me to reach out and heal others in my turmoil. Make me more like you today.

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