Laid to Rest

March 21 | Isaiah 53:9; Mark 15:46

“By oppression and judgment He was seized, and as for His generation who lamented, that He was cut off from the land of the living, stricken for the offenses of my people?” (Isaiah 53:9)

“And after buying a linen shroud, and taking Him down, he wrapped Him in the linen shroud and laid Him in a tomb that was cut out of the rock, and he rolled the stone up over the door of the tomb.” (Mark 15:46)

Many people in our day have already chosen the funeral home, accommodations for the service, have marked out the place where their burial stone will be placed. We like to plan everything to the minute detail.

But Jesus did not have that opportunity. He knew the time of his death was growing short. But other things took precedence. He had much to say to the disciples to prepare them. Besides, he wouldn’t need a tomb for very long.

He must have profoundly influenced Joseph of Arimathea. The soldiers chose Joseph to carry Jesus’ cross the rest of the way to Golgotha. They conscripted him by force. But there’s something about walking that road with the beaten and brutalized Jesus.

It affected him so much that he placed Jesus’ body in his tomb. He took the time to prepare him for burial. The world wasn’t worthy of Jesus. We are not worthy of him. And yet he died for each of us.

Action Step: Live your life today knowing that when you have not made your own preparations, God takes care of you. He provides everything you have. He provides for needs you don’t even know about yet.

Father, thank you that you provided for Jesus in his death and burial. I know you provide for my every need. You go before me and see my needs and troubles before I do. You bless me beyond measure as my Provider.

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